Keynote Speech

Prof (em) Dr.Ing Darwin Sebayang
Universitas Mercu Buana, Jakarta, Indonesia

Speech Title: An effort and Challenge in establishing a new research group in a dynamic university

Prof (em) Dr.Ing Darwin Sebayang, was formerly active as Scientist in Indonesian Aeronautic and space Agency (LAPAN).. LAPAN sent him to pursue his Dr.Ing studies in Institute fuer Leichbau ( Institut for Light Construction), Rheinish Westafaaelishe Technische Hochshule ( RWTH Aachen). He was graduated as under supervision Prof. Dr.Ing. Huba Oery and Prof. Dr.Ing. H.G. Reimerdes. He worked in team of designing Wind Tunnel, Wind Energy and Rocketry. Then started in year of 2001, he was active in Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM).

He was active in establishing a research group of developing of catalytic converter, Biodiesel using ultrasonic technique and advance materials especially high temperature corrosion material. The research conducted with national and international partnership. In year 2014, he joined actively in Universitas Mercu Buana and established a new research environment among the new lecture and students.


Professor Katsuyuki Kida
University of Toyama, Solid Mechanics Laboratory, Japan

Speech Title: Structural Health Monitoring for Metal fatigue

Prof. Katsuyuki Kida was born in 1968 in Osaka, where from 1988 he studied mechanical engineering at Osaka University. Apart from course work, he studied rolling contact fatigue (RCF) occurring in TiC and TiN coated steels using both X-ray diffraction and scanning acoustic microscopy. After graduation he pursued his academic career and completed a Ph.D. course in engineering mechanics in 2000, investigating RCF problems of all-Si3N4 bearings. By observing cracking and flaking failure under RCF, he succeeded in explaining the material`s features from the viewpoint of fracture mechanics.
From 2000 he focused his work on investigating the contact problems of elements used in automobiles such as high-pressure pump of new type diesel engines. He holds and has held a number of prestigious leadership roles In academy-industry corroboration programs : refinement of steels, new joint system in humanoid robots and fatigue of polymer bearing in "Strategic Fundamental Technologies Strengthening Assistance Programs" (Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry, Japan, 2009-2013); scanning Hall-probe microscopy in "Fundamental Studies on Technologies for Steel Materials with Enhanced Strength and Functions" (Consortium of the JRCM, Japan, 2008-2012); and ceramic bearing elements in the project supported by "Japanese Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization" (NEDO, Japan, 2007-2011)."

Professor Abdel Hamid Ismail Mourad
Mechanical Engineering - (COE), United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), UAE

Speech Title: Utilization of Additive Manufacturing in Evaluating the Performance of Internally Defected Materials

Prof. Mourad received his BSc degree and his M.Sc. degree (1989) in Mechanical Engineering from Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt. In 1991, he awarded his PhD degree in the area of Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay/Mumbai (IITB) in 1996. He was promoted to the assistant professor rank in 1996. In 1998 was invited as a visiting scholar to the Ohio State University, USA. In September 2000 he joined the UAEU as assistant professor. In September 2003 he was promoted to the associate professor rank at Helwan University and in 2005 promoted to the same rank at the UAEU. In 2007 he was invited as a visiting scholar to the IITB. In 2009 he was promoted to full professor rank at Helwan University, Egypt, and to the same rank at the UAEU in spring 2014.

Currently Prof. Mourad is the Materials, Design and manufacturing focus group leader in the Mechanical Engineering Department, UAEU. Prof. Mourad is an active researcher in several leading and attractive research areas. Among these, Materials science and characterization, fatigue and fracture, stress analysis, stress corrosion cracking, FE method, failure analysis and prevention, durability and degradation of materials, Manufacturing processes (e.g., welding, friction stir welding, friction stir spot welding, injection and compression molding, fabrication of advanced composite materials and nanomaterials, etc), tissue engineering, biomaterials and nanotechnology.

Recently Prof. Mourad has focused his research on the utilization of Additive Manufacturing Techniques on solving many research problems relevant to evaluation of the defected materials performance. He has supervised 29 MSc and 7 PhD theses and led as a PI and CO-PI of 22 funded research projects that resulted in more than 180 technical research papers. He has 7 granted and filed patents. He is guest editor of two books and 4 book chapters.

Prof. Mourad is an active member in many national and international technical committees and editorial boards. He chaired and acted as member in many conferences organizing committees. He is organizer committee member and member of the materials and fabrication committee of the ASME PVP. He is also a member of the ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division. Prof. Mourad is the editor in chief of the Emirates Journal for Engineering Research, UAEU, and editorial member and reviewer for many international Journals. Based on his research achievements he has been selected to be a member in the “Mohammed Bin Rashid Academy of scientists” which is highly distinguished position. He and his students won several awards for the best paper in several conferences and competitions. Recently Prof. Mourad received the College Award for Excellence in Scholarship, academic year 2016-2017 and received the life time achievement award from Venus International Research award, India, 2017.


Assistant Professor Koshiro Mizobe
Department of Mechanical and Intellectual Systems Engineering, Japan

Speech Title: Effect of repeated heating and quenching on microstructure and fatigue strength in high carbon high chromium steel

Since 2011, through more than 40 papers, Prof. Mizobe has studied the effect of repeated heating on the microstructures near the inclusion in order to develop the technique to improve fatigue strength. He investigated this important behavior taking into consideration the following factors: the type of inclusions in the steel; the formation of nonmetallic inclusions; the number of the times the material was heated; the various heating methods (induction heating and/or heating in a furnace); and the amount of retained austenite.
Furthermore, he investigated the properties of bearings which consist of polymer races and a PTFE retainer in non-lubricating and corrosive conditions. He constructed the P-V diagram (rotation speed vs thrust load) which showed the safe working conditions for polymer bearings. This information is important for the design of polymer bearings under rolling contact fatigue. He also clarified the mechanism of wear debris generation and its adhesion to the contact surface. The evaluation of steel microstructures needs a high level of skill and experiences. In conjunction with a mathematician, he developed homology analysis system which is applicable to the microstructures of steel. This method can automatically evaluate the complex evaluations.

Director (Frontier Materials & Industrial Application) Community of Research (CoRe) Institute of Research Management & Innovation (IRMI)

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Speech Title: Fabrication and Characterisation of Advanced Fibre Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites

Dr. Aidah Jumahat has a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield United Kingdom, MSc degree and B.Eng. (Hons.) degree in Mechanical and Materials Engineering from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Her thesis for PhD research entitled ‘Effect of nanofillers on thermo-mechanical properties of polymers and composite laminates’. She joined the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) as a lecturer in 2001. Currently she is an Associate Professor and the Director for Frontier Materials & Industrial Application, Community of Research (CoRe), Institute of Research Management & Innovation (IRMI) UiTM.

Dr. Jumahat has been lecturing on Composite Materials, Finite Element Method, Mechanics of Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Mechanical Enginering Design and Advanced Materials, which happens to be her areas of research interest. She has published more than 100 technical papers in journals, chapters in book and conference proceedings locally and internationally in these research areas. She’s actively involved in 50 research projects amounting more than 3 million as a project leader and member. In total, she has 8 active and 9 graduated research mode postgraduate students. Due to her expertise and experience, she sits in many academic and technical committees, editorial boards, training groups and evaluating teams in various events at national and international level. She actively involves in many conferences and seminars as an organizer, reviewer or keynote/invited speaker. She is a reviewer of many prominent journals and examiner of many master and PhD thesis. She is an esteemed member of the panel of judges for the International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX) since 2012 and an executive member of several professional bodies. In current achievement, she won several medals in design competitions and obtained best paper awards in several conferences. She also won the Composite Award 2013 for published work from the International Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.


Dr. Sagir Alva
Editor of International Journal of Innovation in Mechanical Engineering and Advanced Materials (IJIMEAM)
Universitas Mercu Buana, Jakarta, Indonesia

Speech Title: Solid-state Reference Electrode Fabrication Based on Acrylate Films

Dr. Sagir Alva is presenting a lecture at the Mechanical Engineering of Engineering Faculty, Universitas Mercu-Buana Jakarta, Indonesia. He graduated with an MSc and PhD degree from the National University of Malaysia in 2003 and 2008. Meanwhile, the B. Sc degree obtained in 2001 at Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. After completing his PhD in 2008, he has joined Mimos Berhad-Malaysia as a senior researcher for five years until 2013. From 2013 to 2015, he returned to the National University of Malaysia as a research fellow at the Institute of Fuel Cells. Since following his M.Sc degree education, he has been actively developing polymers for chemical / biosensor applications, ion selective electrodes, reference electrodes and metal-air batteries. To date, he has produced more than 20 patent applications, journals and proceedings.

Dr. Durgesh Samadhiya
Taiwan government lab National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs)

Speech Title: Cooperative Intersection Management of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Structure

Dr. Durgesh Samadhiya completed PhD from Chung Hua University where he did good quality research. He has good number of peer reviewed International journal and conference publication. He invited in many conferences as keynote, technical chair or guest. He delivered many lectures in different conference and universities. After PhD he worked with Taiwan government’s owned research center named “National Applied Research Laboratories” with collaboration of National Chiao Tung University. He worked on government funded projects and holds many speeches for the same. He is serving for many journals as Editor or Associates and he is the member of many research and development society. His research and development career still going on.